Royalty-Free Metal Music You Can Use for Your Projects

In the modern world, almost everyone has been given at least some degree of power to produce content. From TikTok videos to Instagram live, there is a lot of commercial and non-commercial production going on today.

What many of these digital producers don’t stop to think about are the legal ramifications of their work. Often, these productions use music as a backdrop. Most of this music is subject to copyright hence users are often using it against the law. While being tracked for prosecution is not easy, it still is unethical two feed off your favorite artist’s music without consent.

Thankfully, there are a number of tracks that metalheads can use without violating copyright. Commonly known as royalty free or non copyrighted music these are tracks whose owners have allowed free use. For lovers of metal music, such tracks include:

• The Immediate Task, Vale of Tears, Real Suffering, Opium of the People, All Inverted Word- All by Peculate
• Cursed as Love, Free Will Possession, Drown in Thoughts, Destructing Own Kingdom, Sail Away, Lost- All by XTaKeRuX.
• Cue 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5- All by Soularflair
• But I am Shafts of Light, Everything is and Orchid- Maeth
These are just but a few amazing yet royalty-free tracks from the best metal artists that you can use to soup up your productions. Many more can be found by scouring the net for free metal music archives. It is, however, important to know that royalty-free does not mean copyright-free. Copyright is more about ownership (the songs still belong to the owners) while royalties are more about payments for use.

Artists waive royalty requirements for various reasons, among them thanking fans who have remained loyal to them. If you are a metalhead, you should pay respect to your idols by using their music correctly.