The Fascinating Sub Genres of Heavy Metal

Heavy metal is a fascinating music category and has many subgenres such as alternative, death, doom, thrash, and nu-metal. These somewhat scary-sounding names may lead you to assume that it’s very male-orientated with quite a macho image. However, that’s not the case, and there are other genres, such as hair metal and glam metal, with band members who like to take care of their appearance.

The Rise of Glam Metal

Glam metal originally began in the 1970s, and it became commonplace to see men wearing make-up and tight-fitting clothes. The likes of T-Rex and The New York Dolls were prime examples, and their fascination with their own appearance was initially considered quite shocking. In those days, it was unusual for men to look after their skin, and they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to purchase Verso Skincare to help prevent anti-aging.

Hair Metal in the 80s

The genre of glam metal began to evolve in the 80s, and the visual aesthetic became ever more pronounced, bordering on theatrical. This was the decade when music videos were becoming more critical, and bands such as Motley Crue, Poison, and Hanoi Rocks certainly exploited their potential. The trend continues today, and using products from the Verso Skincare range is a necessity to ensure all band members look at their best in front of the camera.

Nostalgia Festivals

For those who long to get back to the heady days of spandex and hairspray, there are numerous nostalgia festivals featuring band reunions. They may have gained a little weight and perhaps lost some hair, but they still make an effort to look glamorous, no doubt using Verso Skincare on a daily basis. Sleaze metal is also a genre that is making a comeback and is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries.

Heavy metal continues to evolve, and the grunge phenomena of the 90s is another example. This was in complete contrast to the emphasis on looks rather than the music itself. For those who think that all heavy metal sounds the same, they need to dig below the surface!